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In May , Sagayam investigated reports of illegal granite quarrying in the vicinity of Madurai. Pursuant to his complaint, the Madras High Court had ordered an inquiry in , but nothing came of it until , when Tamil-language daily newspaper Dina Bhoomi ran a series of articles, implicating among others Durai Dayanidhi, Alagiri's eldest son.

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Four days later, he was transferred from his position as district collector to a post as managing director of Co-optex, a handloom weavers' cooperative in Chennai. Sagayam came into conflict with a superior at Co-optex as well. When a manager at the cooperative was assaulted by members of AIADMK, Sagayam filed a complaint against the assailants, contrary to the wishes of state textiles minister S.

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Gokula Indira. He also refused to provide permanent office space in the cooperative's building to Indira, maintaining that this would interfere with the cooperative's functioning. As a result of this, Sagayam was transferred twice in September first to the position of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy commissioner; then, two days later, to the vice-chairmanship of Science City in Chennai.

Although the granite-quarrying investigation had languished after Sagayam's transfer, the issue did not die. Sagayam's report was leaked to the press in August , prompting a public outcry that compelled the government to pursue the matter. Under Anshul Mishra, Sagayam's successor as district collector, a number of arrests were made in January ; Durai Dayanidhi went into hiding.

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Several officials, including two former Madurai district collectors, were investigated for alleged collusion with illegal granite operations. However, in June , Mishra was transferred, and the investigation again lost all momentum.


In July , as a citizen activist filed a petition with the Madras High Court , seeking to rekindle the inquiry. In response, the court appointed Sagayam to the post of Special Officer-cum-Legal Commissioner, charged with the task of investigating all mining operations in Tamil Nadu, and ordered the state government to relieve him of the Science City post.

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The government attempted to contest the order, maintaining that the investigation was concluded; the court rejected their arguments and, in November , Sagayam was duly appointed. It was suggested, however, that the state government might attempt to limit his investigation to granite operations in the Madurai area, keeping him from looking into sand mining on the beaches and along the rivers of the state.

Sagayam's investigation was allegedly obstructed from several quarters.

Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

District officials purportedly gave him little cooperation; his room was allegedly wiretapped; and he and his team were purportedly attacked by goons acting on behalf of granite-mining interests. On one occasion, when the police were slow to exhume bodies of alleged victims of human sacrifice carried out by quarry operators, Sagayam spent the night in the graveyard to ensure that no one tampered with the evidence. The investigation discovered evidence of extensive illegal granite-mining from public and private land, and diversion or destruction of rivers and water bodies.

Raids on the houses of two former Madurai collectors suggested complicity by government officials. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In this Indian name , the name Ubagarampillai is a patronymic , not a family name , and the person should be referred to by the given name , Sagayam. Main article: Granite scam in Tamil Nadu. The Hindu.

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Retrieved 12 August Bridget, and Arundhati Ramanathan. Live Mint. Retrieved Archived at Wayback Machine. Sagayam - Executive Record Sheet". Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India. Retrieved 17 August India Realtime. Deccan Herald. This was the first student division of the Dravidian movement. Karunanidhi also engaged the student community in social work with other members.

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DMK The party's official newspaper, Murasoli, started developing a newspaper for its members. The first major opposition to Karunanidhi's support for Tamil politics involved in the Kallukudi demonstration The original name of this industrial city is Kallagudi. Dalmiya, which set up a cement plant is from North India and changed the original name Kallakkudi to Dalmiyapuram. Karunanidhi and his comrades posted papers on the name "Dalmiyaapuram" in the railway station name board and block the passage of the trains.

Two people died in the demonstration by the police action and Karunanidhi was arrested. Karunanidhi married three times. His first wife was Padmavathi and they had a son M. Muthu, who was briefly active in Tamil films and politics. Padmavathi died early, and Karunanidhi married Dayalu Ammal with whom he had three sons, M. Alagiri, M. Stalin and M. Tamilarasu, and a daughter, M. Alagiri and Stalin are active in state politics and competed to be their father's political successors, before Stalin prevailed. Tamilarasu is a businessman and film-producer and campaigner for his father and his party; Selvi campaigned for Karunanidhi elections too.